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Downtown Sarasota Banner Program

Embrace the chance to showcase your vibrant venues through banners! The Downtown Sarasota Alliance Banner Program presents a fantastic opportunity for non-profits, downtown enterprises, and other local businesses engaged downtown to advertise their organization or business upcoming events.

Banners are a visual celebration of the spirit of downtown Sarasota, captivating the attention of residents, businesses, shoppers, workers, and tourists alike!

There are two types of banners, Alliance Banners and Event Banners:

The Alliance Banner is produced by The Downtown Sarasota Alliance.

The headline is “Live! from Downtown Sarasota” with the subtitle “Shop. Dine. Enjoy!

Business Opportunity is to List Your Business.
• Presented by: [Business Name, Logo, and QR Code] 
• Banners are installed and removed by the Alliance as per agreement.
• Cost is based on number of banners purchased. Contact the DSA office for more information at 

Event Banners are produced by the organization. There are specific requirements to be followed as per the City of Sarasota Banner Policy when these banners are installed within the downtown core business district.

Banners must promote business districts or promote events, holidays or other occasions that are open to all citizens (as spectators or participants) or that are large and/or significant enough to be of interest to the general public.
• A company name and/or logo of a contributor or sponsor to the banner may appear on the banner as long as it is positioned within the bottom 10% of the banner. This section must contain the phrase “Presented By” or “Sponsored By.”

Banners advertising commercial enterprises or promoting political candidates, political parties, or political issues are not permitted.

Banner Application

For more information on the banner dimensions, requirements and procedures please view the Banner Program Application below. 

Please contact The Alliance at to process your application and learn about site availability.

Let’s create a visual impact and promote your organization!

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